Our engineering knowledge, as the Fokker TC-Holder, is utilized for many different modifications. We launch over 300 new Modifications a year on different aircraft types, such as Fokker, Bombardier Dash8 & CRJ, Airbus A320 family and Boeing 737.
This makes Fokker Services the world's largest Modification Supplier!

Fokker Services has a full scope EASA Design Organization Approval (DOA), which enables us to manage the whole design and development process, including certification tests and flight testing.

Modifications are certified according the EASA and FAA regulations, but can be certified according local regulations as well, like Transport Canada, CASA, etc.

The Modifications we develop are initiated by:

  • Increased Reliability / Reduced Maintenance Costs such as: redesign obsolete parts, Gore Seals, SaftGlo®, Dryliner, ACARS
  • Mandatory Modifications such as: Cross Feed Valves, Flight Idle Stop, Reinforced Cockpit door, Redesign Main Landing Gear
  • Operational Requirements such as: TCAS 7.1, ADSB-out, CPDLC, GNSS WAAS
  • Customer Appeal such as: New Interiors, Refurbishment, Datalink/ SATcom, EFB (iPad®) and Cabin Scenting Solutions

We think designing a Modification is the beginning of the product life-cycle. Therefore it is extremely important to assist with the Installation on location together with the customer (standard for all new Modifications) and monitor the reliability of the Modification during its In Service life-time!

Read more about available modifications at Fokker.com