Services During Aircraft Acquisition

Remarketing Support Services, assist (start-up) operators in evaluating the introduction of a Fokker aircraft type into their fleet. Tailored studies can be carried out on the operational and/or technical suitability and the economic viability of the Fokker aircraft. Such studies may include:

  • Customized performance & route studies
  • Direct Operating Costs
  • Aircraft comparisons,
  • Aircraft and/or fleet commonality analyses.
  • Aircraft availability;
  • Performance calculations
  • Aircraft Lease intelligence;
  • Aircraft values.

Please contact the Remarketing Support Center of Fokker Services on a non-committal basis.

Aircraft Validation Services, provide assistance to an owner or operator having a Type Certificate for a Fokker aircraft type validated by the National Airworthiness Authority (NAA) of the country of registration. If required, assistance can also be provided to obtain a Certificate of Airworthiness for individual aircraft in the fleet of an operator.

Pre-acquisition Survey and Inspection, consists of expert assistance in both reviewing and auditing the technical records and establishing the technical status of the aircraft. In consultation with the (start-up) operator, extensive functional and operational checks of the major aircraft systems can be carried out to provide an in-depth look at the aircraft’s maintenance status and condition.

Pre-delivery Maintenance and Re-configuration, is set up to bring the aircraft to the desired maintenance status and configuration. The need for pre-delivery maintenance and re-configuration can be derived from one of the following sources:

  • maintenance and modifications, due to the aircraft;
  • maintenance and modifications, found to be required as a result of a pre-lease or pre-purchase inspection;
  • re-configuration, dictated by the NAA of the country of operation, e.g. as a result of the aircraft validation exercise;
  • re-configuration, required by the operator in order to be able to fulfill the required mission profile or meet fleet commonality.