Nineteen Fokker aircraft placed in first half of 2014

Monday 22 July 2013

Fokker Services, part of Fokker Technologies, announces that a total of nineteen Fokker aircraft were placed with five existing and four new Fokker operators during the first half of 2014 by their respective aircraft sellers and lessors.

Hoofddorp, The Netherlands, July 22nd, 2014.

These comprise seven Fokker 50s, eight Fokker 70s and four Fokker 100s. In addition, leases were extended on 2 Fokker 50s, as well as 4 Fokker 100s.

‘Operational versatility, modest fuel burn, low capital costs and continued support remain the key drivers why existing operators keep adding to their fleets and why new ones are taking on Fokker aircraft’, says Fokker Services’ Director of Aircraft Remarketing  Peter van Oostrum.

Latin America continues as focal point for remarketing activities. Booming Insel Air, based in the Netherlands Antilles, is taking 2 Fokker 50s to add to its fleet of 3 while also taking 3 long-range Fokker 70s to expand its network. In Surinam Fly Always is also taking delivery of 2 Fokker 70s. Recent validation of the Fokker 50 in Mexico has paved the way for the introduction of the Fokker 50 by Air Cuahonte, dba Mayair, and others in the near future.

High durability and good operating characteristics in a very harsh environment have increased the Fokker 50 popularity in East Africa. Three airlines have added a total of 4 Fokker 50s to their fleets.

In Kazakhstan, Bek Air has added 2 Fokker 100s to its fleet, which serves both scheduled and charter routes.

In Europe ACMI specialist Denim Air ACMI has put 2 Fokker 100s on its AOC.

Australian stalwart operator Alliance added 3 Fokker 70s to its ever growing Fokker fleet, while Virgin Australia Regional Airlines had the leases on 4 Fokker 100s extended.

Fokker Services does not sell nor lease Fokker aircraft. Rather, it facilitates placements by sellers and lessors through its FLYFokker programs, in addition to providing comprehensive support to Fokker aircraft operators throughout the world.

At present there are more than 500 Fokker aircraft operational across the world. The Fokker aircraft have earned a reputation for advanced technology, comfort, operational reliability, low noise levels and durability. Many consider the Fokker aircraft among the best mid-size aircraft ever built, or as Arthur White, Managing Director for Fokker 50 operator VLM puts it ‘replacing those airplanes is not on the horizon’.

About Fokker Services
Fokker Services is part of Fokker Technologies, which develops and produces advanced components and systems for the aerospace industry, and supplies integrated maintenance services and products to aircraft owners and operators. In 2013 the group achieved a turnover of € 762 million with 4,688 employees.

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