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Realize course materials. One imperative: to get your notes back in shape after the class. "Do not be passive, just find more and read, copy or highlight all of its notes will be useless, they must be structured!", Recommends Mireille Houart. You can transform a text into a diagram, create a table that allows you to see points in common, transversalities ... In short, turn your notes into "course materials". This unique document, made for each lecture, brings together all your notes but also elements from reference books, handouts ... "This document must be compact. For 500 pages, of course, count in 50", says the author. To each his support! "It has to be compatible with the way he studies, the best is to test with a first chapter and see if you can memorize it," says Mireille Houart. Should I use a computer? "It all depends on the preferences of the student, but some courses have too many diagrams or graphics to be transcribed exclusively on the computer," says the doctor of science. Learn how to manage your free time. The management of free time is, according to Mireille Houart, "the major difficulty" that the student faces when he arrives at the university. Especially that it coincides with the learning of a certain independence. "The solicitations are huge: parties, outings ... This freedom is also synonymous with constraints: students must go shopping, hold their studio ...", lists the author. To better manage this new free time, Mireille Houart proposes to do a weekly schedule, hour by hour, of all these activities.